The Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa

Journal - Forerunners

Forerunners is the official journal of the Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa.
Forerunners is published three times per year for the periods July/October, November/February, and March/June. A subscription to Forerunners is included with the PSGSA annual membership fee.


  • Forerunners received a Vermeil at JOBURG 2010.
  • Forerunners received a Vermeil at CHICAGOPEX 2009.
  • Forerunners received a Large Silver Medal at Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition
  • Forerunners received a Vermeil at the August 2005 APS STAMPSHOW in Grand Rapids.
Congratulations to all the members that support our society and our journal, with a special thanks to all the editors and contributing writers for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be sent to the appropriate member of the Editorial Board or directly to the Editor.
Electronic versions of submissions are preferred either embedded in an email message or as an email attachment. MS Word files are preferred. Avoid complex tables, unless in text or excel formats. Illustrations should be scanned at at least 150 dpi and submitted in tif, gif, or jpg formats. Illustrations should not be embedded in manuscript files. Contact the Editor if you have any questions and your submission requires special attention. Needless to say, good old fashioned typed or written manuscripts and photocopies can still be submitted and are most welcome.


• Namibia to South Africa Postal RatesExcel Spreadsheet Download
• Perpetual CalendarPDF Download
• SA Surface Postal RatesExcel Spreadsheet Download
• SA Early Airmail RatesExcel Spreadsheet Download
• South Africa Post Office ListsExcel Spreadsheet Download
• Upper Bongoland ExhibitPDF Download
• BCA Shire Highlands MapPDF Download
• Coronation, 1953 Colonial Stamp Portraits of H.M QE II by Majed HalawiPDF Download

Journal Archive

All issues of Forerunners from issue #1 until about two years prior to the current issue are available for download below.
A Memory Stick containing all issues from #1 up to and including the current issue may be purchased directly from the Treasurer. The cost is US$30 plus an additional US$5 for worldwide mailing.

Sep - Dec 1987 Forerunners1.pdf  Forerunners36.pdfMar - Jun 2011 Forerunners70.pdf
  Forerunners2.pdf  Forerunners37.pdf  Forerunners71.pdf
  Forerunners3.pdf  Forerunners38.pdf  Forerunners72.pdf
  Forerunners4.pdf  Forerunners39.pdf  Forerunners73.pdf
  Forerunners5.pdf  Forerunners40.pdf  Forerunners74.pdf
  Forerunners6.pdfJul - Oct 2001 Forerunners41.pdf  Forerunners75.pdf
  Forerunners7.pdf  Forerunners42.pdf  Forerunners76.pdf
  Forerunners8.pdf  Forerunners43.pdf  Forerunners77.pdf
  Forerunners9.pdf  Forerunners44.pdf  Forerunners78.pdf
Nov - Feb 90/91 Forerunners10.pdf  Forerunners45.pdf  Forerunners79.pdf
  Forerunners11.pdf  Forerunners46.pdfJul - Oct 2014 Forerunners80.pdf
  Forerunners12.pdf  Forerunners47.pdf  Forerunners81.pdf
  Forerunners13.pdf  Forerunners48.pdf  Forerunners82.pdf
  Forerunners14.pdf  Forerunners49.pdf  Forerunners83.pdf
  Forerunners15.pdfJul - Oct 2004 Forerunners50.pdf  Forerunners84.pdf
  Forerunners16.pdf  Forerunners51.pdf  Forerunners85.pdf
  Forerunners17.pdf  Forerunners52.pdf  Forerunners86.pdf
  Forerunners18.pdf  Forerunners53.pdf  Forerunners87.pdf
  Forerunners19.pdf  Forerunners54.pdf  Forerunners88.pdf
Mar - Jun 1994 Forerunners20.pdf  Forerunners55.pdf  Forerunners89.pdf
  Forerunners21.pdf  Forerunners56.pdfNov - Feb 2018 Forerunners90.pdf
  Forerunners22.pdf  Forerunners57.pdf  Forerunners91.pdf
  Forerunners23.pdf  Forerunners58.pdf  Forerunners92.pdf
  Forerunners24.pdf  Forerunners59.pdf  Forerunners93.pdf
  Forerunners25.pdfNov - Feb 07/08 Forerunners60.pdf  Forerunners94.pdf
  Forerunners26.pdf  Forerunners61.pdf  Forerunners95.pdf
  Forerunners27.pdf  Forerunners62.pdf  Forerunners96.pdf
  Forerunners28_29.pdf  Forerunners63.pdf  Forerunners97.pdf
Jul - Dec 1997 Forerunners30.pdf  Forerunners64.pdf  Forerunners98.pdf
  Forerunners31.pdf  Forerunners65.pdfJan - Apr 2021 Forerunners99.pdf
  Forerunners32.pdf  Forerunners66.pdf  Forerunners100.pdf
  Forerunners33.pdf  Forerunners67.pdf  Forerunners101.pdf
  Forerunners34.pdf  Forerunners68.pdf  Forerunners102.pdf
  Forerunners35.pdf  Forerunners69.pdf  Forerunners103.pdf
      Sep - Dec 2022 Forerunners104.pdf